Medical Billing Software
Our continuous and enormous efforts make us possible for the release of our first basic version of Health Information Management with abundant features in a very user friendly, effective and innovative manner.
The product is currently supporting below areas
Patient Management
Deals With Patient Registration, OP Management as well as IP Management.
Manages all billing Activity for the entire billing points like pharmacy, diagnosis, IP discharge etc.
It Contains supply Chain management of pharmacy items by focusing on purchases, sales and
Central Stores
Controls the inventory goods nedded for hospital. This module focuses on purchases and bill
Operation Theatre
Controls the schedule of in patient operations.
Manages the Casualty patients and their billing.
Controls the voucher punching category wise with Overview report supporting.
Human Resource
Manages the hospital staff details along with their attendance and salary processing.
Plenty of managerial summary reports for entire modules.It helps in making managerial decisions.
Manages OP and IP tests along with billing. Storing and retrieval of test reports being managed.
Medical Records
Medical Records with above blocks of information is stored and made retrieval for in patients.
Doctors Workbench
Doctors can manage patients treatment data and medication
It deals with enquiry of patients , doctors and make appointments of Doctors.
User Admin
Purely Deals with authentication of hospital staff to their relevant modules.
Data Management
Initial data management which will be useful in workflow of hospital management process is being
managed , Ward Management , Manages the Patients daily Postings details.
It Contains issuing the Patients Birth and death Certificates history.
This module focuses on smart phone and hand held device programming.
Give the updates and alerts to patients.
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