Colocation has become a popular option for companies with midsize IT needs especially those in Internet related business—because it allows the company to focus its IT staff on the actual work being done, instead of the logistical support needs which underlie the work. Significant benefits of scale (large power and mechanical systems) result in large colocation facilities.
Colocation Facilities:
1. Fire protection systems, including passive and active design elements, as well as implementation of fire prevention programmes in operations.
2. 19-inch racks for data equipment and servers, 23-inch racks for telecommunications equipment.
3. Cabinets and cages for physical access control over tenants' equipment.
4. Overhead or underfloor cable rack (tray) and fibreguide, power cables usually on separate rack from data.
5. Air conditioning is used to control the temperature and humidity in the space. ASHRAE recommends a temperature range and humidity range for optimal electronic equipment conditions versus environmental issues.
. Physical security
. Power
. Cooling
. Internal connections
. External connections
Server  Colocation:
What You Get with Rackspace Managed Colocation
Your Rackspace Support Team—Including a Network Architect and Deployment Engineer
Growth Planning of Your Architecture
We Own the Hardware and All Parts of Hardware Life Cycle Management
24x7x365 Data Center and Account Management Support
Tools to Remotely Manage Your Environment
Highly Secure and Redundant Data Centers and Network
On-demand Rackspace Managed and Professional Services
Aggregate Transfer Bandwidth Pricing
Industry-leading Service Level Agreements around Infrastructure Support.
Support : 856-448-7351
Sale:     856-448-7350
  • Redundant, high-bandwidth network connectivity
  • Overhead cable management - providing easy access to all cabling
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